Sunday, June 15, 2014

To The 'Moon! (Honeymoon in Greece: Days 1-5)

To the 'moon! The honeymoon that is. After the wedding (the beautiful, amazing, can't-believe-how-freaking-perfect-it-was wedding), we packed our bags for the Greek Islands. Ahem, packed CARRY-ON bags. For two weeks. We are pretty pleased with ourselves for pulling that off. 
1 Night in Athens
4 Nights in Imerovigli, Santorini
4 Nights in Oia, Santorini
2 Nights in Naxos
2 Nights in Mykonos
1 Night in Athens

Our first stop was Athens. After a long-haul flight with a layover in Munich, we were glad we'd chosen to spend the first night at the airport Sofitel instead of trying to go straight to Santorini.

We took the metro to Monastiraki Square, which was really beautiful. There was a crowd around a drum circle - I do love a good beat. In the middle, you can see the Acropolis lit up.
We didn't have to wander far before finding a good spot to get our food on. We ate at Tepina, in a pretty outdoor courtyard area. I do enjoy a nice al fresco meal (I am my father's daughter).  When we go back to Athens at the end of our trip, we'll have the better part of the day to explore the Acropolis and poke around some more.

fter dinner, we had our first Greek adventure when the lights went out on the train home. We were told we had to exit because the service to the airport was "finished" for the night. Uhhhhh....jigga what now? (We still think this was at least 30 minutes early, but it doesn't much matter what we think.) So we found ourselves 4 giant escalators underground, in a near-empty subway station, "somewhere" in between Athens and our hotel. We channeled our inner intrepid little travelers, and made it home safe and sound (in a cab).

The next morning, it was time to hop a flight to Santorini - my dream island!

We were so excited about our first hotel, the Aenaon Villas in Imerovigli. You know how sometimes, you've looked at so many pictures of a place that once you get there it's actually a bit of a let down? THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

Holy balls.

This place is unbelievable. Stick a fork in me and call me done, because it can't get better than this.


Some more pics from Aenaon. It's hard to believe it's real. So $%&*#@! beautiful.

One day, we hiked from the hotel to Fira. The view was pretty incredible the entire way. 

I saw this shirt in Fira, which felt appropriate.

More to come...
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  1. Definitely on my bucket list, looks incredible! Congrats on your marriage! :)


  2. We got married on the island of Santorini two summers ago! And we stayed for several nights at Anastasis Apartments in Imerovigli, which must be right near we you are since we did many of the same things. It was amazing. My husband and I always say for our ten year anniversary we are going right back to Santorini and staying there the whole trip! Congrats!

    Literacy Spark

    1. What a FAB spot for a wedding! We saw a bunch while we were there and they were all so beautiful. :) I'd read a lot on the internet about how more than 3 or 4 days there would be "too long" and I could not disagree more. We stayed 8 nights and loved every single second.

  3. Looks AMAZING Blair! Serious holiday envy!! Congratulations!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I've been jealous when you post on IG. What wonderful honeymoon memories!