Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pretty Little Notebooks

So, I'm casually strolling through Target, talking myself out of buying every single item in the party/crafting/office aisles. {Step away from the washi tape, Blair. One more roll and you'll have to be dug out from underneath a mountain of washi by a search and rescue team. Neighbors will talk. It will be a scene.} You know...the usual. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a little something tucked away on the bottom shelf. HOLD. THE. PHONE.

Did you know that Rifle Paper Co. makes the prettiest little notebooks you've ever seen and sells them at TARGET?! And if you DID know, why the $^#%!?&* didn't you come to my house, haul me off the couch, throw me over your shoulder, chuck me headfirst into your car, and drive like a maniac to bring me to them?? WHY??

SWOON. FAINT. GASP. Obviously, I had to have them. I also needed gold glitter clothespins, giant gold paperclips, and gold baker's twine. Why? Mainly because they look so freaking lovely next to my new Rifle Paper Co. notebooks. And isn't THAT reason enough? ;)

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