Thursday, March 13, 2014

Date of the Month Club

I love giving gifts, but with a wedding and honeymoon on the horizon (woot woot!), my fiancé and I are trying not to spend money like hooligans. So for Valentine's Day this year, I gave Steve a "Date of the Month Club Membership". So fun! 

This is certainly not a new idea - the blogosphere is crawling with cute and clever variations of it. But I was excited about how it all turned out and he loved it! At least he said he did...good man. I think it would be a great gift for any occasion! 

Most of the dates are cheap and easy ideas that don't require much planning. However, I did get us tickets to see Aziz Ansari's standup show in April. Prettttttty excited about that. So, it seemed only fitting that the "descriptions" for each of the dates be written entirely in Tom Haverford quotes. #thisishowispendmytime I created the cards in Keynote and printed them out on card stock on my color laser printer. Side note: My color laser printer is in my top 5 best investments I've ever made. WORTH EVERY PENNY.
Here are the dates I came up with:

I put each of the cards into an envelope. On the first envelope, I put the "Date of the Month Club Membership Card". Inside that envelope I wrote a little note explaining the gift.

 I used adhesive kraft paper labels (from Martha Stewart's office line at Staples) on the front of each envelope. I tried my hand at a little "calligraphy".....and remembered why I appreciate great font artists so much. ;)

I'm a girl that looooooves her washi tape, so I sealed each envelope with this cute polka dotted tape.

Then I tied up the bundle of envelopes with some neon cord because I am a firm believer that Life is Better in Neon.

If you want to use my template, I've saved it as a PowerPoint file. You can open it in PP and edit the text boxes. The date night titles are in Futura Medium Condensed, and the descriptions are in KG Skinny Latte. You can download KG Skinny Latte by clicking {HERE}.

Click {HERE} for the PowerPoint file.

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