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This season is ON POINT. I did not intend for this blog to be a place for me to talk about Homeland, but last night's episode has me feeling all the feels.

I'm not going to recap the episode, because I am too busy feeling all the feels, but holy Homeland. The entire episode was this slow build of white-knuckle tension, culminating in that quietly baller scene in the car where we see a lifetime's worth of emotion rushing through Saul as he basically decides, yet again, whether to live or die. He goes from broken to badass in one swift motion, putting on his glasses and cheerily greeting Mira on the phone. It was just this crazy powerful moment that I had to process carefully and -



Well played, Homeland. You took a year off my life. Well played.

Ok, one more side note on episode 9: Just as I was telling my husband that the Ambassador was going to need to stop being such a bonehead pretty soon, she busts into the conference room and we realize she was playing Dennis the whole time. Well played, Martha. Well played.

Naturally, I can not handle waiting two weeks for the next episode. TWO WEEKS. That's just mean. I get that next Sunday is Thanksgiving weekend, but I am not thankful for that.

I scoured the interwebs for hints about what happens next - and found this video from Showtime with a clip from Episode 10, "A Diversion".

OK. It's a start. I'll take it. For anyone who doesn't have 48 seconds to watch the video, I've taken the liberty of summarizing what happens. See picture below:


Does Carrie die?
Probably not, let's be serious. And dear lord. Girl. Can. Act. This episode showed Carrie AND Claire Danes at both of their personal bests.

Does Saul die?
50-50. On one hand, it's Saul. Mandy Patinkin needs to get an Oscar for his performance on the tarmac. I am 100% aware that Oscars are for movies. THAT'S HOW GOOD HE WAS. He should just get every award ever made - Oscar, Emmy, Tony, People's Choice Award, MTV Video of the Year, Little League MVP, just give him everything. 

On the other hand, killing Saul after all of that hubbub, after unleashing 5 terrifying terrorists back into the world? That would be a classic Homeland move if ever there was one. 50-50. 

Does John Redmond die?
Almost guaranteed.

Will Asar Khan die?
Ugh, I do not feel confident about his survival probability now that Tasneem is clearly onto him. But I'm pulling for him. 

Does Quinn save the embassy with his ragtag gang of boneheads?
Maybe. If anyone can do it, Quinn can. But maybe not, because if anyone can end an episode with a successful Taliban takeover of a U.S. embassy, it's Homeland's writers. Exhibit A: Langley bombing. 

Will Homeland continue to not blow it by backing off the love stories?
Hopefully. I mean, early in the season, they were reallllllly pushing this whole Quinn-is-hopelessly-in-love-with-Carrie angle, that honestly, NO ONE CARES ABOUT. Hopefully, the raucous applause from the last two episodes, which had nothing to do with this fabricated plot line, will prove that viewers appreciate this show even more when they aren't forcing a romance between the last two age-appropriate American characters still alive.

Quote of the episode:
This is a tie between Lockhart's expletive-riddled reaction to the RPGs, effectively verbalizing what ALL of us are thinking and this gem from my husband:

The only thing missing from this season is a member of the Brody family.

HA! Oh man, I KID.


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